Tour of Slovenia
26. Tour of Slovenia 2019 June 19th - June 23th

#DarujemKilometre Campaign


We’ll host US team Novo Nordisk for the fist time ever! Team’s riders all have diabetes and they help to promote idea that live can be of high quality and active, despite the illness.

Slovenian Diabetes Association has prepared a number of awareness activities in the time of the race, including the #DatujemKilometer (“I donate kilometers”) campaign. Organizers want to encourage Slovenians to ride for a good cause, spread the word about the diabetes and transfer the message of the Team Novo Nordisk: “I have diabetes, but diabetes doesn’t have me.”

Can we all together do 808,5 kilometers on the bike? Association’s info point will be in Ljubljana on the Congress Square (19th June at 9 A.M.) and in Novo mesto on the Main Square (23rd June at 2 P.M.), every time with fixed bicycles on which you can ride your share of 808,5 kilometers.

You can also participate in the online campaign, you just have to ride your bike in the time of a race, take a photo of your self and share it with the number of ridden kilometers and hashtag #DarujemKilometre.