Tour of Slovenia
26. Tour of Slovenia 2019 June 19th - June 23th

Idrija Wheel: 3rd stage Cup, 26th race Tour of Slovenia


In Idrija wheels are everywhere, first wheels that you see are mine shaft headgears with pulley wheel. The Idrija Cup is a steel forging product. The sculpture of the cup summarizes the silhouette of the mine wheel in which the lace is clamped. The lace is made with the metallic golden thread.

The wheel of the trophy is forged Damascus steel, which has gained a superior reputation throughout history. The laminates of various precious steel forms the structure of wood, rocks, isohypses. That imprints unique authentication of Idrija, wood, metal, the structure of nature are the essence, of the city in which is fasten a gold lace.

A pattern of traditional bobbin Idrija lace represents pedal rotation, 12 clamps like time, golden color is winning.

The base of the trophy is made up of two legs, one is wrapped, as the path to Idrija winding down. Forged legs are partly grinded and polished, giving them the impression that mercury drops flow through them.

The trophy symbolically combines Idrija elements: mining, precious metal, work technique, lacing, prestige, geomorphological characteristics ... In the cup we recognize the “kamšt”, the rhythm of the hammer, the sharpness of the knife, the relationship between rigidity and flexibility, the acquisition of water and mercury, the structure of wood and lace.

Title of the Cup: Idrija Wheel
Author of the plastic and lace patern: Painter and designer Vladimir Dado Andder
Blacksmith made by Bine Rovtar
Bobinlace: Sonja Majnik Koder
June 2019, Idrija