Tour of Slovenia
26. Tour of Slovenia 2019 June 19th - June 23th

Idrija – Best Host of 2019 Tour of Slovenia


Best Host of the 26th international cycling race Tour of Slovenia is Municipality of Idrija. The contest winner was selected by the expert jury, after the first round of votes from media and public. Finalists were Idrija, Ajdovščina & Žalec.

Finalists were selected by votes from accredited media and fans of cycling that followed the race from side of the road of via screens and live broadcast on Eurosport and Slovenian national television. “Jury had extremely hard job, as all host cities did a very good job and were excellent in terms of organization, as well as in terms of creative performance and fans. We want to thank them all for great effort and the organization of the race and side events. Thanks to Eurosport the image of Slovenia as a green and attractive country has went in the homes of millions of people around the world. But on the end only the best wins and this year it was Idrija who took the top spot, and we congratulate them for this,” said Mojca Novak, President of organizing committee of the Tour of Slovenia and President of Adria Mobil Cycling Team, when she handed the award.

The award for the Best Host is recognition of a job well done and the replica of the 5200 Wheel that is also reserved for the winner of the race. Trophy was awarded in the City Hall of Idrija and accepted by mayor Tomaž Vencelj. He expressed great satisfactions and was happy that the race visited Idrija after number of years; that happened on the third,  170 kilometers long stage with start in Žalec and finish in Idrija. City of Idrija is otherwise well known in the cycling circles, as many great cyclists came from the area. This year they left a special mark with great organization and enthusiasm. City also prepared an amazing trophy for the stage winner – Wheel of Idrija, made by painter & designers Vladimir Dado Andree. The trophy embodies rich history of mining, blacksmith and lacing, which are all closely connected with the city.

All trophies for stage winners are unique, which was also noticed by the commentators on the broadcasts. They represent local stories, history or culture and give potential visitors a clear message – you can expect something more in Slovenia.

“Tour of Slovenia, organized by Cycling club Adria Mobil, has grown beyond the limitations of the sports event, mostly thanks to live broadcast on Eurosport that send the image of the cycling, touristic, economic & cultural story of Slovenia in 120 countries around the world. Project was organized in the partnership of Adria Mobil and Slovenian Tourist Board and sponsorship of traditional main sponsor Telekom Slovenija and official vehicle of the race – Fiat and it’s Slovenian distributor Avto Triglav. But the race wouldn’t be so colorful and exciting without the partnership of total of 31 municipalities. Together we showed the unique image of green and attractive, but also economically successful Slovenia that we want to keep as it is; hence the Fight for Green slogan that is not just a fight for the green jersey,” also said Mojca Novak.

Maja Pak, MSc., Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board said at this occasion: “To host such a complex event like Tour of Slovenia requires a lot of effort and adjustments in the local communities, but to create outstanding atmosphere takes so much more work. Slovenian Tourist Board is happy with the outstanding cooperation of the destinations that helped present Slovenia as a green country for the organization of the most challenging sports events. We recognized Tour of Slovenia and advertising opportunity on Eurosport as an excellent way of introducing Slovenia and its destinations to more than 40 million people from more that 120 countries around the globe. Destinations created creative formations, sports & cultural program, showed their local cuisine and created outstanding atmosphere, and with that enriched the race and put tourist attractions in the spotlight. We would like to express gratitude to all organizations, schools, companies and individuals for their time and effort, so that the whole world felt Slovenia as a hospital and attractive country of many experiences and interesting natural and cultural attractions. Your support is great motivation for the future projects. Due to the great effort of all destinations it was hard to choose the Best Host of the race. Sincere congratulations to Idrija for the title.”

Photos: Žiga Zupan / Sportida